Team Building

Professional Sand Sculpture - Corporate Teambuilding Programme by Curious Company

A Sand Sculpture Teambuilding Event lasts between 1 and 4 hours for adults and up to 1 hour for kids. Each programme begins with a short introduction of the instructors and a demonstration of the sculpting skills they will be working to develop. The group is split into designated teams; the task described and team member roles explained. The majority of time is spent putting the concepts into practice with instructors both available for individual coaching and watching team progress and working practice. The programme is concluded with each team choosing a speaker to convey how his or her team coordinated their efforts, applied their learning to the activity and how these new skills apply to the workplace. Teams will be judged on how successful their project reflects their particular industry/ market.

We can work with groups of up to 100 at a time and will coordinate with local suppliers to deliver and remove the sand (if not held on a beach). The event can be held indoors or outside.
We arrive well in advance to sculpt the company logo for a company photo opportunity before the participants arrive.

Professional Sand Sculpture Teambuilding will help your company:

  • Promote leadership development
  • Introduce management trainees to leadership and management scenarios
  • "Weld" the individuals into teams by getting to know each other and learning about each other's strengths
  • Increase the effectiveness of the team by providing practice towards obtaining key strategic goals the client and we specifically design for each group.
  • Foster good personal development